Characteristics and application areas :

Sarina Makina Siva is a gypsum plaster applied by spray machine which is used for plastering of various kinds of construction materials such as bricks, cement blocks, light cement blocks and concrete covered surfaces.

Main advantage of using Makina Siva spray gypsum is its fast implementation(4 to 5 times more hand applied gypsums), beside this, by using perlite and polymer based compounds in this production, it has advantages of long setting time, light weight, and more sound and heat proof resistance in comparison to ordinary gypsum (for obtaining a smooth finish layer, saten gypsum should be used as the finishing layer).

Preparation of Mortar and instructions:

Fill the container of gypsum spray machine with gypsum and water in ratio of 20 liter of water per each 30 kg bag of gypsum .after mixing of the material by the machine, spray the mixture on the wall and level it after 15 minutes. 1 hour later, moisture the surface with a sponge trowel and finish it with a aluminum or steel trowel.

§  Surface of the gypsum application area and also tools surface must be clean (dust, oil and small particles should be removed from surface of the work).

§  It’s better that surface of the work is moisture with water before application.

Usage amount per each 1 cm thickness: 10 kg/m2 ( usual thickness of the plastering is between 1-2.5 cm, according to the surface material .( if necessary to work more than 1 cm thickness , it’s better to work the 2nd layer in the day after ).

Proper temperature during application: between 5 to 35 C.

Proper humidity during the application: 50% – 60%.

Initial setting time : 50-60 minutes

Secondary setting time:  150-180 Minutes (so the user has enough time to process finishing).

Normal thickness of applying is : between 1 to 2 cm.

Storage conditions: the bags should be stored in a dry place on pallets away from water and humidity.

Shelf life: 6 months from the date of production. It is recommended to use within one week after opening the bag.