Characteristics and application areas :

Sarina Saten is a finishing layer gypsum plaster which is used as last layer after siva gypsum application.

By using micronized gypsum powder and polymer based compounds in this product, it has advantages of long setting time and very bright coverage in comparison with ordinary gypsums.

Preparation of Mortar :

Fill a clean container with 18-20 liter water for each 30 kg bag of the product . then pure the gypsum in the water slowly until covering the surface of the water . wait for 2-3 minutes for floating gypsum to sink by soaking .Mix water and gypsum at a low speed by a mechanical mixer until a proper mixture is obtained.


§  Surface of the gypsum application area and also tools surface must be clean ( dust, oil and small particles should be removed from surface of the work ).

§  It is better to have a good balance of work and holes and bumps made ​​possible by the work surface.

Usage amount per each 1 square meter with 1-3 Millimeter thickness : 1-3 kg/m2

Proper temperature during application : between 5 to 35 C.

Proper humidity during the application : 50% – 60%.

Initial setting time : 90-100 minutes .

Secondary setting time : 180-210 minutes.(so the user has enough time to process finishing).

Normal thickness of applying : between 2 t0 3 mm, which makes it more efficient economically.

Storage conditions : the bags should be stored in a dry place on pallets away from water and humidity.

Shelf life: 6 months from the date of production . It is recommended to use within one week after opening the bag .